Performance Design

Designed by you, Built for Performance

What does Performance Design mean to your clients?
  1. Performance Design systems use only top name brand components, like Intel®, LG, Seagate, and Microsoft®. Performance Design systems come standard with a three year base system limited depot warranty.
  2. Pro-Data maintains local inventory for all core components used in Performance Design systems. This allows us to build your custom configured system typically in 3 business days.
  3. Performance Design systems are Built To Order, and can be configured to meet almost any configuration. All Performance Design systems are tested before delivery to minimize DOA's. We also pre-install Microsoft® Office which save you and your client time and money.
  4. Performance Design systems are supported by one of the most experienced and educated Customer Service Departments in Western Canada, with a sound reputation for resolving issues in a timely and professional manner.
  5. Pro-Data has been building Performance Design systems since 1990, and has built over 100,000 systems since then. Pro-Data is a CSA audited facility, an Intel® Technology Provider Platinum, and a Microsoft Silver Partner.

Performance Design System Warranty

Intel CPU based Performance design systems come with a 3 year limited depot warranty on the original base system. The base system consists of a mainboard, Intel CPU, memory (System RAM), case and power supply, hard drive, keyboard, optical storage device, and Microsoft Operating System. All other items carry the manufacturer’s warranty.

AMD CPU based systems carry a 1 year limited depot warranty on the original base system described above. Some items in an AMD based system may carry a longer manufacturer’s warranty. Check with your account manager for details.

In order to validate this warranty, the original order must consist of the minimum base system in a CSA approved case. If a customer wishes to supply their own parts or delete parts from an order that make up a base system (e.g. CPU, memory etc.), this will disqualify the system from the Performance Design warranty.

This warranty covers hardware defects only. It does not cover shipping and handling damage, software or hardware conflicts, software incompatibility, improper BIOS operation/setting, viruses, misuse or alteration of the original configuration.

Pro-Data/Performance Design will offer technical support to the original purchasing reseller, not the end-user. Repaired/replaced products will be shipped back to the original purchasing reseller. Software and/or hardware issues are usually easily handled by contacting the manufacturer of the product in question. A list of manufacturer contacts is listed in the Partners section of this website.

Pro-Data/Performance Design’s sole responsibility is to repair/replace the defective product with the same or equivalent merchandise. We will not be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of our products, including but not limited to, data loss, time lost, shipping expenses etc. Data recovery is the responsibility of the user. The warranty does not include data transfer. If the failed product requires a re-installation of the operating system, the system will be loaded back to a factory default setup. Additional software/hardware setup added after the original purchase is not covered by the system warranty. Improper installation of software/hardware may void the warranty and/or result in a minimum $30 service charge.