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(Pricing does not include parts costs)

Notebook Services

Power Connector Replacement $100 - $125
Motherboard Replacement $90
Internal Components that require extensive disassembly $90
Internal Components that require extensive disassembly and more (solder, ...) $90 and up
LCD Replacement $75
Inverter Board Replacement $50
Optical Drive Replacement $30
HDD Replacement $30
HDD Replacement and data transfer / copy $90
Keyboard Replacement $30
AC Adapter Repair (if possible, appearance of repaired item may be altered) $45
Power Connector on AC Adaptor replacement/repair $25
Memory Upgrade $25 and up
Cleaning or removal of foreign matter from inside notebook $75
Fan Replacement - Minimal Disassembly $30
Fan Replacement - Extensive Disassembly $75 and up
LCD Hinge Replacement $90


Personal Computer (Desktop) Services

Motherboard Replacement $75
Internal Components Replacement (Video Card, Nic,...), includes diagnosis and tests $75
FDD, Optical Drive Replacement $30
HDD Upgrade/Replacement and data transfer/copy $90
Memory Upgrade $30
Power Supply Upgrade/Replacement $30
Cleaning or removal of foreign matter $30


Monitor and Display Services

LCD - 15" to 24" $60
CRT - 15" to 21" $50
Signal Cable replacement/repair $30
TV Repair Requires Quote


General Services

Clean install of Windows OS with all current updates (requires customer product key) $90
Factory Restore of OS (using recovery image) and installation of updates $90
Rush Job service charge $30 - $50
Password Reset (BIOS, Windows) $50 - $75
Spyware / Virus Removal $50 and up
Data Recovery $90 and up
Data Transfer (from old to new HDD / System / Notebook) $90 and up
Copy / Image HDD $50
Corrupted OS repair $90 and up
Disposal charge of unwanted equipment $12
System / Notebook Tune-up Bundle (includes cleaning of foreign matter, virus/spyware removal, BIOS update, testing and burn-in test) $125

Please Note

  • Service charges apply on items not in warranty, upgrades, items still in warranty but with problems that voids warranty (ie. spills, physical damage due to improper use/abuse, ...)
  • All prices are subject to change based on evaluation of each unit (amount of disassembly required, extense of damage/repair required, ...)
  • GST is not included in pricing above
For more detailed quotes, please contact your local Pro-Data Service Center.