“In the 5 years that Lethbridge College has worked with Pro-Data Inc, we have found their people friendly, courteous and professional.  Pro-Data has always provided the College with pleasant, hassle free service.  They are a valuable partner who strives to provide exemplary service that satisfies our business needs.”
Sabina Visser
Manager, Project Management Office
Information Technology Services
Lethbridge College



“Our company has been buying from Pro-Data for the last 3 years. We love the fact that Pro-Data is a local Calgary supplier. Having dealt with multiple suppliers in Calgary, we find that Pro-Data has the best response time and the most knowledgeable staff. This provides a huge benefit to our company as it helps us serve our customers better. Overall, we feel that Pro-Data is the best Canadian Distributor.”
Sameer Nathwani
Digital Office Systems



“Being able to get quotes quickly and professionally from knowledgeable sales staff has always been one of the main reasons that DreamWalker Inc. has been doing business with Pro-Data now for more than 3 years. Additionally having the ability to have most of the equipment that we purchase from Pro-Data serviced locally has been a great bonus for us. All though pricing is not as much a major concern with our organization, we have found that Pro-Data pricing to be quite competitive with other IT Hardware Providers. Overall we are quite happy with the business relationship that we have developed with Pro-Data and look forward to many more years of excellent service from them.”
George Fleet
IT Coordinator
DreamWalker Inc.



“Techwel has been dealing with Pro-Data for many years now and plan to continue for many more years to come.  Pro-Data offers the best product brand names and lines in the IT industry at very competitive pricing and timely supply.  The staff at Pro-Data has also consistently supplied my company with the most current solutions and suggestions to best serve our customers needs.  The main aspect I appreciate is they work as a close connected team,  if I have a special need or interest all the consulting agents are aware of my issues and they work together to satisfy my requirements.  This indicates to me a strong line of communication behind the scenes.  Techwel rarely has warranty issues from hardware supplied by Pro-Data but when the need arises the staff in the service department takes personal interest in my problems and I have consistently received the fasted possible turn arounds of replaced or repaired equipment,  which my customers have expressed true appreciation for.  Techwel strongly recommends any company doing business in the IT industry to consider dealing with the fine team at Pro-Data.”
David Garvey
Techwel Consulting Inc.



“In an industry plagued by price favouritism to big box stores and grey market retail, Pro-Data stands above the competition.  Knowledgeable, honest staff, fair pricing, responsive service and a family like atmosphere are the reasons that Pro-Data and Access Technologies will continue our bonded business relationship for many years to come.”
Brian Kroeger
Access Technologies Inc.



“We've dealt with Pro-Data as a supplier from the day we opened six years ago and have always enjoyed the friendly working relationships with our sales reps. When we decided to switch from building our own systems to selling pre-built Acer systems, we found their selection and availability to be excellent. We can order a system, have it delivered and out our door the same day.”
Jim Penner



“I would like to relay that my experience with Pro-Data has been a great one.  Our account manager works tirelessly to secure stock, follow up on ETA's and provide us with competitive prices whenever possible.  There have been many times when PC Corp has been in a tight situation for product and Pro-Data has always come through for us.  Their quick replies and product knowledge make Pro-Data an absolute pleasure to work with.”
Tessy Pavlatos
Education Accounts
PC Corp



“Pro-data has been a vital part of our business start and growth. We have used Pro-data since we opened our doors in 2004. All of the staff at Pro-data have been great to work with and willing to do what it takes to fulfill our orders. Rest assured we will continue to do business with pro-data for many years to come.”
Jeremy McConnell
Syberdyne Systems Ltd.



“We have been working with Pro-Data for the past 4 years.  We have found the Pro-Data team to be knowledgeable, professional and very accommodating.   Overall we would recommend Pro-Data to be an excellent choice for a local distributor who carries a large selection of products backed up with excellent support.”
Jay A. Shore B.Comm.
Shore 2 Shore Automation Ltd.



“Pro-Data has provided us with outstanding pre and post-sale service, as well as prompt delivery on everything we order.  When you add their friendly staff, they are a very pleasant and reliable vendor to deal with.”
Clint Krismer
Vice President, Technical Operations
Gord Krismer & Associates Ltd.



“The staff at Pro-Data have always made it easy for me to get what I need so that in turn, my customers are satisfied.  I trust Pro-Data to provide quality computers that I am proud to sell.  The three year standard warranty on Performance Design systems that is provided right in Winnipeg is a huge benefit to buying one of their systems."
David Rheault
Computer Services



“I have been involved with Pro-Data for a few years now and have found that their sales and service are exceptional.  Pro-Data provides me with cost effective solutions for my business ventures, ranging from notebook sales to their custom built Performance Design systems.  I can always count on Pro-Data to provide me with quality, affordable products which in turn permit me to pass savings on to my customers.  It doesn’t stop there; the after sales service is second to none!   Keep up the good work! “
Ron Drysdale
Antech Computer Services Inc.



“We enjoy carrying Performance Design computers since their local sales and service people are able to provide the flexibility we need to quickly fit a solution to our customer's needs.  Their custom solutions enable us to order the products our market wants at a fair price.  The personal service allows any issues to be dealt with quickly and our customers are back up and running in short order without spending hours getting frustrated on support lines.  It’s all here, a quality local business that provides the support and knowledge we need!”
Carol Antrobus
Manager, Computers on Campus
University of Manitoba



“There are several reasons that I deal with Pro-Data. They’re a local company that have quality products at reasonable prices. Their Performance series products are top-notch using the industry’s best components for stability and reliability. The staff are knowledgeable and personable. But the biggest reason I deal with Pro-Data is because they are a partner that cares about your business. They value the relationship and help your small business grow.”
Ari Novikoff, MCP
Marari Network Solutions

“Our business has prospered in the years we have been purchasing computer systems from Pro-Data.  We now have the best consumer and business systems we have ever had. The quality and durability of their products is second to none. Peace of mind is a great thing as we sell systems. Rarely do we get them back because of a malfunction. Our corporate customers are especially delighted with the lack of downtime.  Friendly, consistent support from their knowledgeable staff is also a bonus.  It is almost easy to forget Pro Data because they do things so well. No squeaking wheels or problems to remind us to call them!  We highly recommend giving them a try.  They do what they do well."
Fred Funk
Purchasing Mgr
Dataport Computer Centre

"We have been doing business with Prodata for more than seven years. Their systems give our clients all around best value, and the company and sales staff are very responsive and have helped us grow our business. Their service department and RMA processes are exceptional and having a supplier in Alberta means we receive the majority of our orders overnight."
Susan York
Manager, Corporate Services
Advanced Systems